About Shakura

Shakura is a ” high class ” energy drink . It is high class due to a sum of several elements :

– The true flavour of energy drink ;

– A delicious taste of honey flavour ;

– Taurine and caffeine;

– Vitamins B2 , B3 , B5 , B6 and B12 ;

– Spring water as a base;

– The appearance of the product.

Shakura high class energy drink produced in Austria is an energy drink that is very nice to drink. Shakura high class energy drink comes into its own when it is served cold.

Many customers who have Shakura high class energy drink tasted Shakura find the tastiest of all energy drinks.
So we advise you to Shakura high class energy drink also to taste .


As elsewhere stated, ” high class ”  is the registered trademark of the company Shakura NETHERLANDS BV It is the only high class energy drink because of the elements listed above. Additionally Shakura says something about the look of the consumer: serving Shakura drink, is” high class ‘‘.


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